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Eyelash Extensions 101


Eyelash Extensions is a service that helps lengthen add thickness and volume to your own natural lashes. Multiple strands of synthetic/silk lashes are applied with professional adhesive to your natural lash one at a time.

Eyelash extensions help enhance your natural lashes, whether you have short, light blonde lashes, or even both. This is a fabulous alternative to the daily use of mascara, strip lashes, and tab lashes.


Please remember to arrive with makeup free lashes. Eyelash extensions can last longer if natural lashes are clean, free of makeup and natural oils.




Once you have your newly applied lashes, some things to keep in mind for the 12-24 hour time period are not getting the extensions wet. Allow the adhesive to cure appropriately, avoid hot saunas, steam and/or facials, running water directly onto your lashes, rubbing eyes, do not use a manual or mechanical eyelash curler, no makeup or moisturizer, and do not pull on your lashes.


In order to keep the longevity of your lashes remember to stay away from oily products such as waterproof cosmetics.

Maintenance are recommended 1-3 weeks. If you need to remove for any reason over time, I do offer removal to clients with my work free of charge.




How long is the procedure?

First service will require a full set for 2-2.5 hour. Fill-ins are scheduled for 1.5 hour.


How long will my eyelashes last? How often should I get a fill?

Depending on your aftercare and natural growth cycle, like your hair, eyelashes grow and fall out, some shed quicker, while others slower.

Fill-ins are recommended 1-3 weeks. If waited too long, potentially a full set will be required at full price. 


Will the application be harmful to my natural lashes? Does it hurt?

The application is pain free. It will not harm lashes if they are not pulled out prematurely. Remember natural lashes are delicate, we want to keep them healthy.


Can I shower, swim, get my eyelashes wet?

Yes, it is recommended to clean your lashes everyday gently. Keep in mind to wait 12-24 hours before getting them wet. In order to keep the longevity of the extensions, facing the shower faucet or swimming with your head underwater is not recommended.


Can I wear makeup and apply mascara?

Absolutely! Water based makeup is best around the eyes. Avoiding mascara completely is best.


How do I prepare for the service?

Thoroughly clean your lashes with a mild cleaner that will allow your natural lashes to be oil free. Do not use oily remover to clean your lashes prior to the application. Adhesive will not stick to a dirty or oily canvas. Lashes should not be curled. Natural is best.


Why am I not compatible for eyelash extensions?

Clients with allergies to adhesive such as medical glue, tape, acrylic etc.. should not get extensions applied. Clients who have experienced chemotherapy in the past year, those who have very weak lashes, and those who have had lasik surgery less than two months of recovery. 


Will all of my lashes fall out at the same time?

No, lashes all shed differently and naturally. Like hair on your body, eyelashes have different stages of maturity. Older the lashes, faster they will shed. In order to maintain your lashes, fills are optional between 1-3 weeks.


Can I wear contact lenses during the application?

Contacts are okay.

Can I bring my kids?

I love children. However, this is a work place with very little space with hot equipment.


Why do I need to fill out a client release form?

New clients are required to sign a release form to ensure everyone's history and safety. Information will be confidential and for my use only.


What is your no show and/or cancellation policy?

24 hours is highly appreciated. Call/text at 817-966-3624. If you are late, I am only able to do your service in the time frame available.

For no-call/no-shows, there will be a $25 fee added automatically to your next appointment.

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